Russian Chief Rabbi: Israel shouldn’t rely on anyone

SIGHET, ROMANIA – Berel Lazar, one of Russia’s chief rabbis and a confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin, told an interviewer that after Russia’s sale of S-300 anti-aircraft weapons to Syria, Israel “shouldn’t rely on anyone,” and that the sale was “a mistake.”

“First of all, I don’t think this is an issue of an existential threat,” Lazar said, speaking at an event celebrating the 90th birthday of late Jewish luminary Elie Wiesel. “I’m sure that in Israel today we have means to deal with our enemies, even with the S-300.”

The Russian Defense Ministry published a video Tuesday night of the delivery of the S-300 missile system to Syria. Moscow announced it would supply Syria with the advanced S-300 missile defense system and impose electronic countermeasures over Syria’s coastline. Those countermeasures would suppress satellite navigation, onboard radar systems and communications of warplanes attacking targets on Syrian territory.

Read the full story from 2018 in The Jerusalem Post. Anna Ahronheim contributed to this report.